Frontend Develoment

Our passion is making beautifully crafted and pixel perfect products. We are experienced in the production process from concept to development. To chose the tools that suit your project we will first have to understand the problem that you are trying to solve.
But in short, we prefer Sass over LESS, Foundation over Bootstrap and we use two major flavors of Javascript. When working on the layout we use tools like Sketch or Adobe Illustrator. In case of animation or interaction we are used to Adobe After Effects in combination with Bodymovin, but we also use tools like Paper.js, Processing and vvvv.

Backend Development

Our backend is based on Django framework and we use elegant and feature rich Grappelli for the admin interface. Django is great for rapid development and Python has a large standard library that offers endless possibilities. Our hosting platform of choice is Linode and we have experience with other popular hosting providers. For local development, we like to work with Docker or Virtualenv

Shopify Expertise

Our experience in Shopify was built by working on monthly, weekly and everyday tasks for Peace Collective, company based in Toronto.
We did optimisation of all pages and built a system for homepage structure configuration. And that are just a few things to mention.
By optimising javascript, css and writing modules that use the benefits of asynchronous loading, we have decreased load time for more than 70%.
System for homepage structure configuration made it easy to arrange the structure of homepage from Administration Panel. Have a look at Peace Collective project presentation for more information.


We have learned a lot working with Peace Collective. The pace of the company that is a combination of retail and digital and the practice specific to fashion market. But the knowledge that we have offered was gained on projects that we did in the past.
As a significant eCommerce project, we will point on Tele2, one of the biggest brands in the Eurasian telecom market. Working with them, we have learned a lot about telecom market. After that came Foog, a global Internet access solution. We have offered our knowledge and learned a lot about international telecom market. By working with us, you are provided with best practices in current digital production.